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HEARING ASSISTIVE DEVICES CENTER – Open two Tuesdays each month, the Assisted Device Center at Holiday Park provides opportunities to check out several supporting and enhancing hearing devices before spending money on the Internet, or at specialized hearing stores.  Lynn Perlroth, retired from University of Maryland, Speech and Hearing Center, demonstrates devices to help you hear in difficult listening situations.  Please call the center 240-777-4999 for dates, or check the monthly newsletter.

LIFE CHANGES:  How We Cope – Join a guided open discussion led by an experienced group leader and exceptionally good listener.  Share personal experiences of the aging process and learn how to adapt to these changes.  Led by Ginger Godshalk, Affiliated Sante Group.  Meets at 10AM every Thursday.

Individual Counseling Sessions – Available on Thursdays at 11:15AM by Affiliated Sante Group.  Appointments are necessary.  Call or sign up at the reception desk.

Mental Health Lectures – As part of our regular wellness lectures, the center and CCAS offer guest speakers on a variety of issues for aging adults.